Upper Intermediate

Put the verbs in brackets into their correct form of the Present Perfect tense.


1) He  a new car. (just/buy)

2)  a science - fiction book? (you/ever/read)

3) Andrew  sushi. (never/eat)

4) We  your new song yet. (not / hear)

5) How many essays  this year ? (you/write)

6) Samantha  her breakfast yet. (not / have)

7) What  to the computer? (they/do)

8) They  in England for 20 years. (live)

9) Where  your keys? (you/leave)

10) Peter  Helen’s parents yet. (not meet)

11) I  him an e-mail. (just/send)

12) Where is mum?

      She  to the supermarket. (go)