Upper Intermediate

Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form: 


1) If she  (go) out on Saturday, I will stay in to watch the football match on TV.      

2) I  (earn) a lot of money, if I get that job. 

3) If he  (hurry / not), he will miss the train.

4) If I  (finish) early tonight, I will come round to see you.

5) She  (catch) the 9:00 bus, if she wakes up early tomorrow morning.

6) He will find the answer, if he  (try) to understand the question better.

7) If it  (rain) tomorrow, we won’t go swimming.

8) If you don’t leave right now, I  (call) the police.

9) If you  (help/not) me, I won’t pass the exam. 

10) If he  (study) harder, he will improve his performance.