Upper Intermediate

Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form: 


1) What  (you/do) , if you  (see) someone committing a robbery?

2) I  (buy) this suit, if i  (have) the money, but I am broke right now.

3) It  (surprise / not) me, if she  (remember / not) the answer.

4) Where  (you/travel), if you  (win) the lottery?

5) She  (come) to our party if she  (be / not) on holiday.

6) If I  (be) a star, I  (help) those in need.

7) They  (employ) him if he  (have) the right qualifications.

8) She  (be) happy if she  (marry) him.

9) I  (use/not) this washing machine if I  (be) you.

10) If John  (be) younger, he  (join) the army.