Upper Intermediate

Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form: 


1) If we  (listen) to the radio, we  (hear) the news.

2) If you  (switch) on the lights, you  (fall / not) over the chair.

3) She  (come) to your wedding if she  (be / not) abroad.

4) If I  (know) that the teacher was coming, I  (not join) the excursion.

5) She  (miss not) the train if she  (wake up) earlier.

6) If he  (be) careful, he would not  (have) that terrible accident.

7) I  (pass) the exam if  I  (work) hard.

8) Mr. Smith  (die / not) if he  (go) to the doctor.

9) If she  (put) her keys in her bag, she  (lose/not) them.

10) If I  (heard) any news about it, I  (tell) you immediately.