Upper Intermediate

Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

1. The little boy was afraid  (enter) the house because of the fierce dog at the entrance.
2.  (swim) is one of my favourite sports. I also enjoy  (run).
3. He doesn’t feel like  (study) now. He’d really prefer  (go) for a walk.
4. We are really looking forward to  (hear) from you soon.
5. That musical is worth  (see). Don’t forget  (book) the tickets for the weekend performance.
6. Apart from  (spend) our winter holidays  (ski), we also go  (sightsee).
7. It’s no use  (be) upset about it now.
8. She can’t help  (feel) angry with him after his rude behaviour.
9. The students denied  (draw) the graffiti on the wall, but offered  (help) clean it.
10. Please apologise for  (behave) so unpleasantly last night.