Upper Intermediate

Complete the following sentences by choosing the correct form of the verb in brackets.

1. He forgot  (to switch off/ switching off) the radiator again. It’s boiling hot in here!
2. Please stop  (to crack/cracking) your fingers all the time, it’s so annoying.
3. British Airways regrets (to announce/announcing) the cancellation of the flight B.A. 4598 to Madrid due to bad weather conditions.
4. He remembers  (meeting/to meet) her somewhere before, but her name escapes him.
5. He tried  (to use/using) a different shampoo but he was allergic to that too.
6. We wanted to leave early but they insisted on our  (to stay/staying) longer.
7. If you are feeling tired  (to exercise/exercising) all morning, you should stop  (to have/having) a break.
8. Did you remember  (to pay/paying) the electricity bill when you went downtown?
9. John should try  (to study/studying) harder. His teacher suggests (revising/to revise) the whole grammar book.
10. She regrets  (attending/to attend) that seminar as she believes it was a waste of time.