Upper Intermediate

Complete the following sentences with the singular or plural form of the word in brackets.


1. John spoke to his teacher about his spelling problem and he gave him some very good  (advice).
2. Sheila has long, wavy, blond  (hair).
3. You should call the travel-agent if you need more  (information) about your journey to China.
4. He went to the open-air market today and bought lots of  (fruit) and  (vegetable).
5. Elizabeth lives in a small village with only five  (hundred) inhabitants.
6. We have to buy new  (furniture) for our cottage in Lyme Regis.
7. She was disgusted to find several  (hair) in her soup.
8. The bellboy carried all my  (luggage) to my room.
9. How many  (time) do I have to tell you not to use this entrance ? It is only for authorised staff.
10. Hurry up! We don’t have much  (time), the play starts in a few minutes.