Upper Intermediate

Complete the following sentences with a little / little, a few / few.


1. Don’t worry, there is  time left to finish your exercise.
2. I’d love to come to the beach. I just need  minutes to get ready.
3. There is  chance of her getting the job. She doesn’t have the required qualifications.
4.  students attended the presentation as it was poorly advertised.
5. There are   eggs in the fridge, why don’t we make an omelette? 
6. My professor helped me and gave me  ideas to finish my project.
7. There was thick snow on the pavement yesterday but today there is only  left.
8. There has been so  rain this year, I am afraid there will be a drought.
9. Although the play had very good reviews,  people went to see it.
10. There is very  room in the car boot to put in all this luggage. We have to leave some at home.