Upper Intermediate

Fill in the blanks with a, an, the where necessary. If you think none of these is needed, leave the blank empty.


1. A: Have you ever been to  Budapest?

    B: Yes, I think it’s  prettiest city in Europe.

2.  tallest man in  world was born in  U.S.A  in 1918. His height was 2.72 m.
3. That’s  beautiful sweater! Where did you buy it?
4.  villages in this part of Greece are very picturesque.
5.  clothes she bought last week were very cheap. Actually, there was  sale in one of  department stores in  city centre.
6.  Queen is going to visit  Somerset next week to open  new hospital in Chard.
7.  French are very friendly people, aren’t they?
8.  panda is a large mammal which lives in  China.  pandas  have black and white fair and are in danger of extinction.
9.  Smith family has booked  holiday in  Canary Islands  for this summer.
10. The train was late yesterday and I had to wait on  platform for over  hour.